Friday, 5 October 2012

Mac: Marilyn Monroe

Bonjour Beauties,
On Monday something very exciting happened...
I discovered that the Marilyn Monroe Collection by Mac was available to buy on their website!
After having a little glimpse at the collection, i did not hesitate in snapping up a lipstick and an eyeliner. I knew they would sell like hot cakes and if i didnt strike will the 'iron was hot'... i would miss out!
The collection is pretty big and includes eye lashes, blushers to mascara and eye shadows.
All of the lisptciks in the collection are pretty bold colours, apart from one- Pure Zen which is a peachy nude from the looks of it. Anywyas, i settled for one in the shade Love Goddess, which is a pinky red with a satin finish. They cost £15.50 each.
I also popped in my basket the Penultimate Eyeliner from the collection, this was on a pure whim as i had been looking for a decent eye liner for a while in the form of a felt tip one. The eyeliner cost £16.00.
They arrived within a couple of days, i couldnt wait to see what the lipstick shade was like as there weren't many swatched available online due to the collection being pretty new.
The packaging is so elegant and sophisticated, with a little image of the legend herself.
This lipstick is fabulous! I'm so pleased with my choice, it's the perfect shade and is very wearable, a goregous pinky red that really makes my eyes pop. It has great staying power, around 5/6 hour and is not as drying on my lips as other Mac lipsticks. Its my new fave!
The eyliner did not disapoint either, nice thin tip so you can create either a thick bold line or feline flicks. It's also a very true black black, just what i was looking for. I've still to perfect the art of 'not letting my hand shake all over the place' but all in all a great liner. I seem to be able to do one eye perfect and the other a little... er... wonky- nothing a cotton bud wont sort though :-)
Did you buy anything from the collection?