Friday, 5 October 2012

Mac: Marilyn Monroe

Bonjour Beauties,
On Monday something very exciting happened...
I discovered that the Marilyn Monroe Collection by Mac was available to buy on their website!
After having a little glimpse at the collection, i did not hesitate in snapping up a lipstick and an eyeliner. I knew they would sell like hot cakes and if i didnt strike will the 'iron was hot'... i would miss out!
The collection is pretty big and includes eye lashes, blushers to mascara and eye shadows.
All of the lisptciks in the collection are pretty bold colours, apart from one- Pure Zen which is a peachy nude from the looks of it. Anywyas, i settled for one in the shade Love Goddess, which is a pinky red with a satin finish. They cost £15.50 each.
I also popped in my basket the Penultimate Eyeliner from the collection, this was on a pure whim as i had been looking for a decent eye liner for a while in the form of a felt tip one. The eyeliner cost £16.00.
They arrived within a couple of days, i couldnt wait to see what the lipstick shade was like as there weren't many swatched available online due to the collection being pretty new.
The packaging is so elegant and sophisticated, with a little image of the legend herself.
This lipstick is fabulous! I'm so pleased with my choice, it's the perfect shade and is very wearable, a goregous pinky red that really makes my eyes pop. It has great staying power, around 5/6 hour and is not as drying on my lips as other Mac lipsticks. Its my new fave!
The eyliner did not disapoint either, nice thin tip so you can create either a thick bold line or feline flicks. It's also a very true black black, just what i was looking for. I've still to perfect the art of 'not letting my hand shake all over the place' but all in all a great liner. I seem to be able to do one eye perfect and the other a little... er... wonky- nothing a cotton bud wont sort though :-)
Did you buy anything from the collection? 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Long Time No... Blog!

Bonjour Beauties

Well, its been a very long time indeed since my last blog post and my gosh, a lot has happened in that time.

Firstly, my new niece Cara-Jane was born in May. She's 4 months now and is just simply adorable.

Secondly, i got a new little pad- yay!

Thirdly, my health has been pretty bad. It has consumed most of my time over the past few months due to suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

Fourthly, my little Shih Tzu Pipkin is much better after his liver shunt surgery in June, he's not suffered from any more kidney/bladder stones and his behaviour has really improved too which is fantastic. He's still on a prescription diet but i'm just so glad he's better now, was such a horrendous time. The thought of loosing him was too much.

I'm also just back from a nice little break in sunny Spain, it was really good to get away but i was glad when i arrived back home. It was a very tiring holiday due to my health and it was a little too hot for me.

Eeek, sun in our eyes.

I'm kind of looking forward to Autmn- its my favourite time of the year, especially Halloween. The leaves falling and the dark nights, feeling all cosy in the house snuggled on the sofa with a nice candle burning- i love it!

So i'm back on the blogging wagon and i do apologise for my absence. A few posts to come include my new Woodwick and Yankee Candles for 'fall', a few clothes haul posts, my discovery of Fortune Cookie Soap and also my mac lippie collection, which has really expanded over the last couple of months.

I hope you are all well and had a great summer (even if it was a pretty miserable one weather wise).

Ta Ta for now

Friday, 16 March 2012

March Mini Giveaway Winner!

Hello lovelies,

Well, it's that time!

Time to announce the winner of my March Mini Giveaway (which was the O.P.I Nick Minaj Minis), i gave you all a number and entered the details into

The winner is...

Drum roll please....

Number 44- Laura who writes the fabulous blog: Oh So Belle

Image from clipart.

Congratulations Laura, i've emailed you to let you know. Once i receive your address, i'll post your prize!

I would like to thank everyone for following me and taking part. Watch this space, i'm planning my next giveaway.

Monday, 12 March 2012

March Glossybox: The Harrods Edition

Oh my, look what arrived this morning...

Yes it was my March Glossybox! I've been eagerly awaiting it's arrival all weekend as i was aware some of the boxes were dispatched early, some people received their's as early as Saturday.

This months box has a slight twist- Glossybox have teamed up with Harrods to bring us this little beauty.

Heres the contents:

I'm so pleased with the box i received, i know there was a couple of variations- i was praying i got the box with the Burberry Lipstick and the YSL Serum so i was more than delighted when i lifted the lid.

  • Narciso Rodrigues- For her Eau De Parfum
  • Molton Brown- Heavenly GingerLily Moisture Bath & Shower
  • YSL- Forever Youth Liberator Serum
  • Burberry Beauty- Miniature Lip Mist Copper No 202
  • Clarins- Extra Firming Body Cream.
I spritzed some perfume onto my wrist, the scent is quite powerful. Its a rather mature scent that lingers for a long time, great staying power. Comes in a 1ml sample vial.

The Molton Brown Moisture Bath & Shower was the product i was least excited about, mainly because i feel that we have received quite a lot of shower gels, etc over the last couple of months. None the less, it's Molton Brown and oozes quality.

Oh the YSL Youth Serum looks intriguing, can't wait to try this out. I'm only 24 but i understand the importance of looking after your skin early. The packaging looks very chic aswell.

The Burberry Lipstick is so adorable and a fabulous colour, i love it and can't wait to try it. The packaging is just too cute.

Clarins... can never go wrong with some Clarins.

There was also a little booklet about Harrods Age-Defying skincare products, which was quite a good read.

Glossybox are also offering suscribers 20% off glossybox featured items on the Harrods website so i'm definitely going to have a little nose at that.

All in all- a fabulous box! Really pleased with the one i received, j'adore the lipstick.

What did you make of your Glossybox this month?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nars Wicked Attraction Gift Set

Hello Darlings,

Here we have the beautiful Nars Wicked Attraction Gift Set, i crumbled and bought this a few weeks ago for a number of reasons. One of them being that i don't own any Nars products and another being that it contained two products that i had been lusting over for a while.
I really don't know what my logic of thinking is, i hesitate at buying a Nars Blusher at £21 but i'll snap up a Benefit Blusher at £23.50 in a heart beat?! I blame it on the pretty Benefit packaging, i'm easily sucked in.

I've been contemplating purchasing the Nars Blusher in Orgasm for a while now and also their Laguna Bronzer. So when i saw this little set on ASOS at £35, which contained them both- i had to have it. The minis are just so adorable and the packaging oozes quality.

The set contains:
  • Blusher and Bronzer duo in Orgasm and Laguna
  • Larger than Life Lipgloss in Springbreak
  • Single Eyeshadow in Pink Tulle Fathom
  • Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

I adore the blush/bronzer duo, the blusher is a gorgeous pink with slight gold shimmer. The bronzer isn't too dark but isn't too light either, it's just right and also has a slight sparkle to it (just a tiny amount though). 
The eyeshadow is a baby pink with some more speckles of shimmer through it, perfect for high lighting your eye brow bone.
The gloss is a lovely nude pink, goes really well with the eyeshadow colour. Unfortunately it is quite gloopy. None the less, it's a fabulous colour.
The smudge proof base is excellent, it applies sheer and keeps your eyeshadow in tip top condition for hours.

Overall, i'm happy with my first Nars purchase. I shall be buying the Blusher and Bronzer in full size once i've finished the duo. I think it's a great little set to introduce you to the brand and their products. I've had my eye on their lipgloss in Turkish Delight for weeks now. However, i'm not too sure after trying out Springbreak, this is purely down to it being so sticky.

Do you own anything from Nars?

Smooch Cosmetics: Oh Give me a Smooch!

Hello Beauties,

Sorry for my lack of posts recently, i haven't been too well the last week (a horible chest infection) but i'm on the mend now and will resume full blogging duties :) Anyways...

Last week I was kindly sent some products to review from the lovely Harriet at Smooch.

This review is 100% my honest opinions on the products, i've not been paid to write this (please read my disclaimer).

The Smooch range includes Mascara, Eyeshadows, Nail polish's to Bronzer and Lipsticks.

Just incase your not familiar with Smooch, heres a little about them:

"The concept for Smooch came quite simply from a drawer of lingerie.

Whilst getting ready for a big night out, Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were really like underwear – you have your basics, everyday white, black and nudes. These are the foundation of your lingerie drawer.

Then you have the other section, the items you save for special occasions, the bra with extra lace that offers additional cleavage, the super sheer pants that give you a great bum with no vpl and make your legs go on forever.

Cosmetics are a little like your lingerie drawer, you have your everyday basics that you apply without really thinking about it, then you have the special mascara and uber gloss for that big night out.Why thought Kitty, can’t we have a cosmetics range that combines the two, so Smooch came into being.

Smooch “Cosmetics with Sex appeal”

I received a Lipstick (in Sweet Tooth), a Duo Eyeshadow (in Dirty Martini) and a Liqiud Eyeliner (in black).

First of all, lets talk about the packaging- it reminds me a little of Nars. The packaging really is beautiful and oozes sophisication. It's simple, chic & effective, everything i look for in packaging when it comes to a new product.

Now about the products:

This lipstick is a beautiful medium pink shade called Sweet Tooth and applies nice and sheer. Perfect for every day wear, it's easy on the eyes and nothing too heavy or pigmented. You do have to re-apply it after a few hours or so but thats the usual with most lipsticks. This costs £7.50, there are 12 shades of luscious lipsticks to choose from.

The duo eyeshadow, Dirty Martini (love the name) is two complementary shades- a shimmery light cream and a glistening olive green. Really nicely pigmented and they have great staying power. This costs £9.50 and there is a wide range of duo's to pick from on the smooch site. This wouldn't be a duo colour i would have normally chose myself as i'm more for dark browns, etc but i quite like this colour combo- it's a welcomed edition to my make up bag.

The liquid black eyeliner is fantastic, i'm a huge fan of dramatic feline flicks and this is just the product to create that look. This liner has got a great applicator, stays put all day and doesn't smudge. It costs £6.95.

I'm really impressed with this brand, the products are really good quality and are reasonably priced. I've got my eye on their Bronzer and a couple of their nail polish's: Chic and Chocolate Brownie.

Have you tried Smooch yet?

Oh just a quick reminder that my March Mini Giveaway ends this Friday, the 16th. Be sure to follow me if you aren't already to be in with a chance to win a set of OPI Nicki Minaj Minis.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Benefit: Hervana & Porefessionally Pretty

I bought this litle gem from BuyaPowa last week, i had been waiting on the 'Co-Buy now live' email for ages. When i finally did receive the email, i snapped one up immediately and i'm very glad i did.

"Seeking a flush of enlightenment? Swirl on hervana... Our goodkarma face powder! Four complementary shades, lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose & berry delight - blend together perfectly for an orchid blossom blush. What goes around...comes around!"

This face powder costs £23.50 from Boots and the Benefit site. It smells divine! A couple of swirls of this goregeous powder gives you a beautiful flush.

I was a bit hesitant of purchasing this when it first launched at the end of Januray as i felt it was maybe a litle too light for me, i had swatched it a couple of times at the counter as well. But after reading a few reviews about it and seeing it actually applied, it changed my mind. I'm such a sucker for Benefit's packaging aswell, it's so pretty.

I have to say, it's a new firm favourite of mines and has replaced my trusty Bella Bamba and Sugarbomb. 

Next up is the Porefessionally Pretty Kit:

Now i've heard a LOT of fabulous things about Benefit's Porefessional, it almost sounds too good to be true. Again, this little baby made a very short appearance on BuyaPowa last week (at half past ten at night, it sold out within half an hour). I unfortunately missed out as i was in the land of nod when the co-buy went live. So i purchased this amazing little kit, Porefessionally Pretty from Feel Unique for £23.50, this also included P&P (it was delivered very quickly). This kit costs the same as Porefessional on it's own, so it's great value for money as you are getting two extra products for the same price (the mini Girl Meets Pearl and the Erase Paste in Medium).

"You can be porefessionally pretty anytime you want! Pores and fine lines vanish with the POREfessional while our brightening camouflage blends away any discolouration and imperfections. Your breathtakingly luminious complexion is now complete with our soft golden-pink liquid pearl."

Now if you already follow my blog, you will be more than aware of my problem with oily skin- i've heard that this product works wonders at keeping the 'shiney' look at bay (as it's oil-free) and is a great little primer. It also claims to minimise pores.  

The first thing that stood out about this product was the feel of it, it feels incredibly silky when applying it. It looks a bit like a balm when it first comes out the tube but goes on nice, smooth and evenly. It really does create the perfect base for your make up and keeps it fresher for longer, without it feeling like it's slipping off. Not only did it reduce the look of my pores on my cheeks but it also dealt with my 'oil' problem fantastically well.
It has replaced my Illmasqua Matt Primer and is a new essential in my make up bag! I would definitely recommend this product.

Heres a few new products from Benefit:

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANnation Makeup Kit : £28.50 from Feel Unique (free P&P). 

"This vacation-ready makeup kit has everything you need for a gorgeous glow all year long. It’s the ultimate brightening & bronzing collection!"
Image from

Benefit High Brow Glow Luminous Brow Lifting Pencil : £14.00 from Feel Unique (free P&P).

"Get WOW brows with this soft highlighting pencil, now in a glowing champagne-pink shade. A single stroke under your arches instantly lifts & illuminates!"
Image from

I'm not too sure what my next Benefit purchase shall be, my bank balance is needing some time to recover... Dam you BuyaPowa!

Have you tried Hervana or Porefessional yet?

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Very First She Said Beauty Box (March)

Hello Beauties,

Happy Friday!

So today the very first beauy box from She Said Beauty arrived, been waiting on this baby for about 2 months now. To say i was excited is a slight understatement. I have to say, i'm really pleased with my first box, was worth the wait.

The principle is the same as Glossybox, Carmine, etc- a monthly subscription.

It arrived in a hot pink carboard box with a sweet little sticker:

The box itself is a beautiful sort of duck egg blue (reminds me of Tiffany's packaging), with a magnetic fastening. The products are nestled nicely in straw. It all looks very simple and chic.

Orly Manicure Miniature

I received this in the colour 'Black Out', i adore black nail polish so this is a hit for me. The colour glides on smoothly and has a very high shine finish. I also received an Orly Nail File.

We Are Faux Eyelashes

Oh you just can't go wrong with eyelashes when it comes to me, i'm a huge fan of them. They are an essential when it comes to nights out, etc. I received ones that are full and flirty, they are called 'Night Hunter'.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff

Now i haven't bought anything from Collection 2000 for years- it's never been a brand that i've been attracted to, so i was a bit disappointed to see this in the box. However i was pleasantly surprised with this. I received a beautiful colour, Cotton Candy. It applies smoothly and dries to a goregeous matt finish. I may just have to invest in a few other colours, it's that good.

Aveda Soot Infusions Trio

Three minis, a shampoo, conditioner and style- prep smoother. I've heard a lot about Aveda but have never tried anything from their range, so i'm excited. From the size of the samples, i'll get maybe two uses out of them.

Comfort Zone Good Night Kit

This is the product i'm least excited about trying mainly just down to owning too many creams, eeek i have them coming out of my ears! I'm also loving my Steam Cream from my Carmine box at the moment so i shall try this at a later date.

Jing Flowring Dragon Eye Tea

A light and fragrant green tea, i gave this to my mother as i don't drink tea. She's a fan of different teas: camomile tea, green tea, she loves them. I shall get her verdict on this later.

So there we have it...

The very first She Said Beauty Box!

If you are thinking of subscribing, they are currently offering you 25% off your first box (for a limited time).

What did you think of the first box, yay or nay?

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Finds & Magazine Freebies

Hello lovelies,

Today, as it's the last day of February- i thought i would share with you all some lovely bits & bobs that i've picked up over the last couple of weeks.

I picked up these goregous MUA Love Heart Lip Balms and a nail varnish from Superdrug, think they are still available on the MUA website.
The lip balms smell scrumptous and keep your lips nice and smooth, they costs £2 each as did the nail varnish. The nail varnish applies lovely, really pigmented. Only needs one coat!

I'm a blouse and blazer gal so when i saw these little gem's, i had to have them. The cream and pink ones from Primark, £10. The navy ones from H&M, £7.99.

The navy blazer is from International. Now, i've not shopped in International for years but when i walked past, i saw this blazer in the window and thought it was really nice. It cost £19.

I also picked up these Orange skinny trousers from H&M, think they are bang on for the whole 'orange' trend which is currently hitting the shops. Will look great on a night out with heels. They cost £14.99.

Speaking about heels, i got these babys from Primark, £12!

Magazine Freebies

Thanks to the wonderful Cherries in the Snow's blog post yesterday, i ran to Tesco to bag myself April's issue of Cosmopolitan. They are giving you a freebie from Clinique, i received the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit. Theres a choice of High Impact Mascara, 7 Day Scrub Cream, Moisture Surge or Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss. The magazine itself costs £3.50.

Another magazine offering a freebie is the new April edition of Glamour. They are giving you a Percy & Reed product worth £10, the magazine costs £2. Bargain or what!
My local Tesco didn't have the new edition of Glamour in but i shall be returning tomorow to check again.