Sunday, 11 March 2012

Smooch Cosmetics: Oh Give me a Smooch!

Hello Beauties,

Sorry for my lack of posts recently, i haven't been too well the last week (a horible chest infection) but i'm on the mend now and will resume full blogging duties :) Anyways...

Last week I was kindly sent some products to review from the lovely Harriet at Smooch.

This review is 100% my honest opinions on the products, i've not been paid to write this (please read my disclaimer).

The Smooch range includes Mascara, Eyeshadows, Nail polish's to Bronzer and Lipsticks.

Just incase your not familiar with Smooch, heres a little about them:

"The concept for Smooch came quite simply from a drawer of lingerie.

Whilst getting ready for a big night out, Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were really like underwear – you have your basics, everyday white, black and nudes. These are the foundation of your lingerie drawer.

Then you have the other section, the items you save for special occasions, the bra with extra lace that offers additional cleavage, the super sheer pants that give you a great bum with no vpl and make your legs go on forever.

Cosmetics are a little like your lingerie drawer, you have your everyday basics that you apply without really thinking about it, then you have the special mascara and uber gloss for that big night out.Why thought Kitty, can’t we have a cosmetics range that combines the two, so Smooch came into being.

Smooch “Cosmetics with Sex appeal”

I received a Lipstick (in Sweet Tooth), a Duo Eyeshadow (in Dirty Martini) and a Liqiud Eyeliner (in black).

First of all, lets talk about the packaging- it reminds me a little of Nars. The packaging really is beautiful and oozes sophisication. It's simple, chic & effective, everything i look for in packaging when it comes to a new product.

Now about the products:

This lipstick is a beautiful medium pink shade called Sweet Tooth and applies nice and sheer. Perfect for every day wear, it's easy on the eyes and nothing too heavy or pigmented. You do have to re-apply it after a few hours or so but thats the usual with most lipsticks. This costs £7.50, there are 12 shades of luscious lipsticks to choose from.

The duo eyeshadow, Dirty Martini (love the name) is two complementary shades- a shimmery light cream and a glistening olive green. Really nicely pigmented and they have great staying power. This costs £9.50 and there is a wide range of duo's to pick from on the smooch site. This wouldn't be a duo colour i would have normally chose myself as i'm more for dark browns, etc but i quite like this colour combo- it's a welcomed edition to my make up bag.

The liquid black eyeliner is fantastic, i'm a huge fan of dramatic feline flicks and this is just the product to create that look. This liner has got a great applicator, stays put all day and doesn't smudge. It costs £6.95.

I'm really impressed with this brand, the products are really good quality and are reasonably priced. I've got my eye on their Bronzer and a couple of their nail polish's: Chic and Chocolate Brownie.

Have you tried Smooch yet?

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  1. I love the lipstick, it looks perfect for a daytime look! Also the packaging is gorgeous x

    1. The packaging is really similar to Nars, beautiful and effective :)


  2. Love the colors !!

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    1. Thank you for the comment, I'm now following you and have entered your fab give away.


  3. Haven't heard of this brand, will look into it, love the concept and the stuff you received looks fab quality. Lovely post Claire. Hope you feel better soon xxx

    1. Thank you Amy, I'm feeling a lot better- thank god as I've got a big family wedding coming up this Saturday. How are you sweetie?

      Oh you need to have a look at their website, some fabulous products.


  4. Hope your chest is okay!
    The eyeshadow duo looks gorgeous! Never tried this brand before. Thanks for introducing it. :)