Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Poochy Pipkins trip to the Salon...

Hello my lovelies,

Just had to share with you Pipkin's new hair cut. He usually gets cut every 4-6 weeks. However due to having recent surgery to remove kidney/bladder stones, we had to cancel the groming appointment he had booked for the end of january.

One thing about my goregeous Pipkin is that his hair grows at an alarming rate! So by the time this appointment came round... he resembled a small fluffy sheep. Its so strange as when hes at his fluffiest- i always think of him as this 'stalky little shih tzu'. But when he's cut, he's just so darn tiny. Bless!

Here are some before and after shots...

Pipkin in his 'Fluff Bug' state before.

This is him after his trip to the salon.


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    1. Aw thanks Alex. It's good to see his eyes again lol x