Thursday, 9 February 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Minis

Hello my lovelies,

After a long and hard day at work, i was delighted to come home and see a package for me. It was my fabulous OPI Nicki Minaj Minis. I've been waiting on these little beauties arriving for over a week (due to the super saver delivery option from ASOS). I just think the OPI mini set's are so cute, i was a fan of the 'Nice Stems' mini collection, which was a hit last year.

Now, lets get down to business and look at the polishes...

The set has four mini bottles, each bottle contains 3.75ml. The shades are (from left to right): Did it on 'Em, Fly, Pink Friday and Metallic 4 Life.

Here are some swatches, please excuse the untidy-ness. I lack a steady hand. As with most polishes, they require a double coat. Some are on my nails and others are my mothers, who i treated to a manicure :-)

Did it on 'Em

A lime green, perfect for the 'Neon' trend at the moment.


An Aqua Blue, the ultimate colour for bold nails.

Pink Friday

A creamy Bubble-gum Pink, this one is my favourite.

Metallic 4 Life

A Charocal sparkle, ideal if you want to add a bit glitz & glimmer.  

I adore this set, it hits the nail on the head with every trend this spring from Pastel (with Pink Friday) to Neon (with Did it on 'Em). The colours glide on nicely and last a decent duration without chipping. At £12 odds, its a steal.

Are you a fan of OPI?


  1. Thanks for the comment! Those polishes are such great value. I love the shimmmer, but I'm not overly keen on the fluoro green or blue.

  2. Congrats you have just won an award xxx

  3. wow they look great! :) i love 'Fly' xx


    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah 'Fly' is nice :)


  4. uhh I want these so bad!
    Your nails look amazing

    Marie x

  5. Thanks for the comments Marie! Just checked out your blog, I love it! Now following!