Monday, 12 March 2012

March Glossybox: The Harrods Edition

Oh my, look what arrived this morning...

Yes it was my March Glossybox! I've been eagerly awaiting it's arrival all weekend as i was aware some of the boxes were dispatched early, some people received their's as early as Saturday.

This months box has a slight twist- Glossybox have teamed up with Harrods to bring us this little beauty.

Heres the contents:

I'm so pleased with the box i received, i know there was a couple of variations- i was praying i got the box with the Burberry Lipstick and the YSL Serum so i was more than delighted when i lifted the lid.

  • Narciso Rodrigues- For her Eau De Parfum
  • Molton Brown- Heavenly GingerLily Moisture Bath & Shower
  • YSL- Forever Youth Liberator Serum
  • Burberry Beauty- Miniature Lip Mist Copper No 202
  • Clarins- Extra Firming Body Cream.
I spritzed some perfume onto my wrist, the scent is quite powerful. Its a rather mature scent that lingers for a long time, great staying power. Comes in a 1ml sample vial.

The Molton Brown Moisture Bath & Shower was the product i was least excited about, mainly because i feel that we have received quite a lot of shower gels, etc over the last couple of months. None the less, it's Molton Brown and oozes quality.

Oh the YSL Youth Serum looks intriguing, can't wait to try this out. I'm only 24 but i understand the importance of looking after your skin early. The packaging looks very chic aswell.

The Burberry Lipstick is so adorable and a fabulous colour, i love it and can't wait to try it. The packaging is just too cute.

Clarins... can never go wrong with some Clarins.

There was also a little booklet about Harrods Age-Defying skincare products, which was quite a good read.

Glossybox are also offering suscribers 20% off glossybox featured items on the Harrods website so i'm definitely going to have a little nose at that.

All in all- a fabulous box! Really pleased with the one i received, j'adore the lipstick.

What did you make of your Glossybox this month?


  1. I got exactly the same one as you, and its an ok box but it didnt make me squeal with joy when i got it.. however the YSL is serum is amazing, Ignore the anti-aging bumpf I am 26 and it made my skin feel amazing. Hope you get the same effect. x

    1. Yeah i'm really excited about trying the Serum. I really liked my box, i've got glossydots to redeem so was contemplating just getting another Harrods box but i run the risk of getting the same box so i don't think i'm going to do it. I love the Burberry lippie, would have liked the Fendi too.


  2. Lucky duck, I'm so disappointed with my box!
    I got 2 body creams - clarins and bliss and an anti aging face cream (revive) along with a juicy tube and perfume.
    REALLY upset about this, nothing is really of any use to me!

    1. Thank you for the comment Annabel. Oh dear, i saw a few people were disapointed with this box on the GB facebook page- i realy do think they need to sort out the major variations with the boxes. It's very unfair! I got lucky with my box.


  3. You got one of the best boxes, I have just canceled my subscription over what I was sent. It was the worst one yet for me!!

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    1. Oh dear, really? What box did you receive?

      Now following your blog, would live it if you could follow me back soon. Going to check out your give away :)


  4. Hi Claire

    I think I'm going to switch back to Glossy Box after this month's Jolie Box, unless it's amazing of course, but the last two glossy boxes have been so good I've got serious box envy AGAIN! xx

  5. Yeah i really liked this months box. I hope they do more "special" boxes like this xxx

  6. Fab review! I love to see what other people get in their boxes, thankyou for following me, I'm following you too now! :)

    Emma xxx

  7. Ahhh I so wanted the serum! Im only 21 but theres something about serums and other anti ageing products that really gets me spending! I feel like I can never be too safe haha xxx

  8. Looks like you got a fab box! I really wanted the perfume you got but got a Fendi one instead. Serum looks fab too! xx