Monday, 30 January 2012

Januarys 'Valentines' GlossyBox

Hi there ladies,

This is my FIRST ever blog post so please... bear with me! Sorry about the quality and lack of photos, will do better next time :)

This is just a quick post about Glossybox's January box which has a Valentines Day theme, was absoloutely thrilled to see this being delivered this morning (easily pleased)

First of all i have to mention the box itself, its a fabulous hot pink colour- very chic limited edition as was the red crimbo box we received. Comes packaged very nicely with a little pink heart as the sticker. Will probably use this box for storage as its so lovely.
Second of all, the contents. I was very pleased with the box i received! There was only one item (which i shall swap) that wasnt really 'me'.

The contents were:

Eyeko Skinny eyeliner in Powder pink

This is full sized, which i think retails for around £9 odds, i received the powder pink colour, which is a pale dusky pink. First impressions... yeah really nice. However, its just not my colour, this will be swapped on beauty box swaps. Would have really loved the blue or emerald green.

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer

"create a smooth resilient canvas while minimising the appearance of pores"
This is a 5ml sample of the primer, i tried it on the back of my hand and the primer is slightly tinted. It has a nice dewy effect, looking forward to trying this out. I'm always seeking a really good primer, as i have very oily skin i was delighted to see it was 'oil free'.

F.A.B Gentle Body Wash

I've been contemplating buying something from this range for a while as ive glanced at it in boots so many times (dont know why i havent yet) . So again i'm looking forward to trying this. Claims to cleanse, calm redness and releive dry skin, which are all positives in when it comes to body wash.

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm

This product really got me excited! Its for your hair, face and body, its a conditioning balm. I received a 75ml sample, which is a pretty big tube! I've never heard of the brand 'Davines' before so am eager to try it out.

Davines Authentic Cleanising Nectar

At first glance i was slightly confused as to what to do with it, however after further reading- its a moisturising oil like texture you can shampoo your hair with and use on your face and body.

There was also a small glossy box sweetie in the box, a nice little finishing touch!

Shall review the products further once i've managed to test all of them out properly.

Sorry for the lack of pictures again, just started the blog today! My next post will be better, i promise.

What did you think of January's Glossybox?


  1. For someone that's "still getting the hang of it", this is an awesome blog! Well done sweet =) xx

  2. I got a different selection. I'm pleased but would have loved to try davines balm! :)

  3. Have to say I was bit baffled by the nectar, looking forward to trying it though. Read your blog about your box Alex, A good mix of products :)