Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Wonderful World of... Soap & Glory

Thought i would share with you my small collection of Soap & Glory products. This is one of my favourite ranges, they all smell fantastic and 'do what they say on the tin' basically! 
Boots are usually really good at having a 3 for 2 offer on this range, they also sell fabulous Soap & Glory gift sets at christmas time (which was what Santa brought me this year).
Soap & Glory have also launched thier own cosmetics range recently, which looks very promising.

Here are some products from the range that i love...

'The Breakfast Scrub'

One of my favourite products has to be 'The Breakfast Scrub', which is a body exfoliator with Oats, Shea Butter,  Organic cupuau bio scrubs, Bananas, Almond and Honey extracts. It smells divine, has a maple scent and a gritty texture (hich is what you would expect from an exfoliator). Always leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. This comes in a 300ml tub and costs around £9.45.

'Calm one Calm all'

Another favourite of mines is the 'Calm one Calm All' bubble bath, which again smells great. Intented to calm/de-stress you whilst in the tub and leave your skin soft at the same time. This costs around £5 odds and comes in a 500ml bottle. You cant go wrong with a good bubble bath can you.

My latest purchase is this...

'Clear Here Moisture Lotion'

After reading some pretty good reviews about this product, i decided to try it out.
"An all day face cream moisturiser great for oily skin" I have only just started using this so cant give my verdict yet. Shall report back once it has been properly tried and tested. This is a 50ml tube and costs around £9.

So there you have it, i've declared my love for Soap & Glory. Do you have any favourites?

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