Thursday, 16 February 2012

Choccywoccydoodah is Chocolicious

Hello lovelies,

Todays blog post is about the fabulous chocolate shop: Choccywoccydoodah!

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I was first made aware of this choclate company, which has a shop based in Brighton by watching their television show on the 'Good Food' channel last year. I was facinated at their amazing creations, their cakes really are a work of  art. So i decided to visit their online shop and order some goodies as i was dying to try their famous chocolate.

The website is pure choclotae heaven... the prices are also very reasonable aswell. They have a great range of goregeous chocolate figures ranging from chocolate bears to chocolate shoes and poodles- ohh la la.

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Aren't they just divine! Anyways, so i ordered a white chocolate cat and a beautiful white chocolate birdy. The pussy cat cost around £7 and the bird was £6.98, they both took about a week to come and were packaged really well. The cat comes in a plastic mould, which you can re-use to create your own chocolate cats, pretty cool right?! Here they are in all their choccy glory:

The chocolate is delicious, i was almost too scared to eat them as they are so pretty to look at but... needs must!

Have any of you ladies heard of Choccywoccydoodah?


  1. They look gorgeous, but like you I think they are so pretty that I wouldn't want to eat them. I once got a teddy bear chocolate that said 'Happy 13th Georgia' and I loved it so much I let it stay on my mantelpiece until it grew white flecks!


    1. 'grew white flecks' that made me laugh. Yeah they are really really pretty, they do sample cakes on their website too... Think I may have to try them :)


  2. Wow these look fab! I would not want to eat them because they are so nice!